Marisa DeMeglio

Marisa DeMeglio Pronounced: Ma-ree-sa De-Mel-ee-oh
(she/her) is a software developer focused on accessibility in publishing and on the web. She has spent over 20 years designing and coding applications in this field since graduating with a computer science degree from Penn State. The majority of her work has been centered around DAISY digital talking books, EPUB, web accessibility, and internationalization.

Due to DAISY's global reach, Marisa has worked with organizations in many different countries, including during her 5 years on a project focused exclusively on DAISY for low and middle income countries in Southeast Asia. In addition to implementing local language support for DAISY software projects, she also managed remote teams of volunteers, incorporating their code and translation efforts, and then packaging everything for local distribution.

Her current projects for the DAISY Consortium involve bringing accessible reading experiences to the browser, and providing web development, database design, and testing team support for accessibility testing of EPUB reading systems. She is also the chair of the W3C's Synchronized Media for Publications Community Group.

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Marisa DeMeglio